Főző changes the setting of soup making, moves it from the kitchen to a shared space. This way cooking is not a solitary activity, where the results are enjoyed together. The soup made with Főző is the result of the effort of all the people who are taking part in the cooking process.

The heart of the ritual is the charcoal stove. The stove is made of white clay and wood.  It serves as heat source for the soup making but also heating a small oven. As soup making is a lengthy process, in the waiting time the oven can be used to make various snacks, baked vegetables. When the soup is ready, the toast for sides can be prepared in the oven.

Using a charcoal stove instead of an electric or gas stove enhances the warm atmosphere of soup making. It requires more effort, more taking care of. The people taking part in the process need to be committed, and patient. The time and effort spent creates the value and richness of the experience.

The project was completed as part of the ‘ZEN design’ Course.